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Ivan B. Djordjevic, Associate Professor, OCSL Director
PhD Students:


Yequn Zhang (Fall 2010)

ChangYu Lin (Fall 2011)

Ding Zou (Spring 2013)

Tao Liu (Spring 2013)

MS Students:


BS Students:


Visiting Professors:


Visiting Scholars:



Research Professors, Post-doctoral Researchers and Visiting Professors:

Murat Arabaci, Juniper Networks 
Jianyong Zhang; Beijing Jiaotong University, China; Nov. 2009-Nov. 2010
Lybomir L Minkov

PhD Students:

Murat Arabaci, University of Arrizona, Juniper Networks (since July 2012)

Hussam G. Batshon, Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications LLC, Eatontown, NJ

Milos Ivkovic, LSI Corp. (co-supervised with Dr. Bane Vasic, and Dr. Ildar Gabitov)

Lybomir Minkov

Serkan Ak

MS Students:

Paul Grenz, University of Arizona, Tucson

Tao Liu, University of Arizona, Tucson

Ding Zou, University of Arizona, Tucson

Mahesh Sharma, QUALCOMM, San Diego

Hussam G. Batshon, Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications LLC, Eatontown, NJ

Varsha S. Rao, QUALCOMM, San Diego (co-supervised with Dr. Bane Vasic)

Anita Patil, Intel Corporation, Phoenix (co-supervised with Dr. David Geraghty)

MENG Students:

Samita Pokhrel

BS Students:

Brian Suarez (Summer 2012)

Visiting Scholars

Jiaojiao Fu, Zhejiang University, China; Jan. 2010-Jan. 2011

Xuezhi Hong, Zhejiang University , Hangzhou , China; Jan. 2011-June 2011

Anthony M. Wolfe (Summer 2009)





 Ivan B. Djordjevic 

 Senior Member, IEEE


 Position: Associate Professor
 Office Location: ECE 456B
 Office Phone: 626-5119
 E-Mail: ivan@ece.arizona.edu
 Degree information:
Ph.D., University of Nis, Yugoslavia, 1999



Dr. Djordjevic is an Associate Professor (Tenured) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Arizona, with a joint appointment in the College of Optical Sciences. Prior to joining the University of Arizona he was with the University of the West of England and University of Bristol, Bristol, UK; Tyco Telecommunications, Eatontown, USA; National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece; and National Telecommunication Company Serbia Telecom, Nis, Serbia. His current research interests include optical networks, error control coding, coded modulation, turbo equalization, OFDM applications, quantum information processing, quantum error correction and constrained coding. He presently directs the Optical Communications Systems Laboratory (OCSL) within the ECE Department at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Djordjevic is an author/co-author of three books: (i) OFDM for Optical Communications, Elsevier, Oct. 2009; (ii) Coding for Optical Channels, Springer, Mar. 2010; and (iii) Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Error Correction: An Engineering Approach, Elsevier/Academic Press, Apr. 2012. Dr. Djordjevic is also an author of over 140 international journal publications and over 160 international conference papers. Dr. Djordjevic serves as an Associate Editor for the following journals: IEEE Communications Letters,  Frequenz and International Journal of Optics. Dr. Djordjevic is the IEEE Senior Member and the OSA Member.

Research Interests:

Coding for Optical Channels

Coded Modulation

Turbo Equalization

OFDM Applications

Quantum Error Correction

Quantum Information Processing

Quantum Biology

Coding for Wireless Channels

Constrained Coding


Courses Taught:  ECE 633, ECE 638, ECE 435, ECE 429/529, ECE 430/530,ECE 632, ECE 340
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Lei Xu

NEC Labs, Princeton, NJ


Ting Wang

NEC Labs, Princeton, NJ 


Milorad Cvijetic

College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona

(previously NEC Corporation of America, Herndon, VA)


Hussam G. Batshon

Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications LLC, Eatontown, NJ


Stojan Denic

Toshiba Telecommunications Research Laboratory, Bristol, UK


Bane Vasic

Department of ECE, University of Arizona


Jaime Anguita

Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, Chile


Franko Kueppers

TU Darmstadt, Germany

(formerly College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona)


Ali Akoglu

Department of ECE, University of Arizona


Mark A. Neifeld

Department of ECE, University of Arizona


Raymond Kostuk

Department of ECE, University of Arizona


Goran T. Djordjevic

University of Nis, Serbia


Ildar Gabitov

Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona

Sundararajan Sankaranarayanan

Seagate Technology, Pittsburgh  

Milos Ivkovic

Cornell University, Department of Radiology, New York 


Olgica Milenkovic

Department of ECE, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois


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