ECE 638: Wireless Communications

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Course Handouts



Posted Date

Introduction Introduction 08/14/17
Path Loss and Shadowing Path Loss and Shadowing 08/14/17
Statistical Multipath Channel Models Statistical Multipath Channel Models 08/14/17
Channel Capacity Wireless Channel Capacity 08/14/17
Signal-Space Theory Appendix on signal-space theory 09/13/17
Passband Transmission Appendix on passband transmission 09/13/17
Digital Modulation over Wireless Channels Digital modulation schemes over wireless channels 09/13/17
Diversity Diversity 09/13/17
MIMO MIMO Techniques 09/30/17
Equalization Wireless Channels Equalization 10/16/2017



Block and Convolutional Codes Linear block codes & convolutional codes 10/30/2017
LDPC Codes LDPC Codes 10/30/2017
Coded modulation and UEC Coded modulation & UEC 11/03/2017
Adaptive modulation and coding Adaptive modulation & coding 11/03/2017
UWB Ultra Wideband Communications 11/03/2017
CDMA  Spread-Spectrum Systems, CDMA Systems, and Multiuser Detection  11/13/2017
Turbo Codes Turbo Codes 11/18/2017