PubDB: A GME Paradigm for the publications database domain

It's a bore to have to keep reworking your webpage and C.V. each time you publish a new paper. Furthermore, if you're a LaTeX user, you are already tired of maintaining your BibTeX database in such an unweildy way, and have either given up on maintaining individual databases, or are frustrated with looking through your one huge one to get key names, and hesitant to give it out to other people.

The PubDB GME Paradigm is designed to alleviate some of these problems. It is a domain-specific modeling environment--based on the publications ontology of BibTeX--which provides a graphical interface to your publications collections. It allows you to build a publication database for each paper you write, and provides the ability to enter publication data once, and "point" to that publication arbitrarily many times for future papers. You can organize publications by area/author/etc., and keep "pointers" to publications anywhere. In the spirit of BibTeX, it has a special attribute listing for each kind of publication, relieving you of the need to remember which fields each kind of publication has, and visually reminding you that some publication parameters are optional, while others are required.

The most important piece of PubDB is its ability to generate artifacts which are useful to the publishing domain. You can create from your GME database the following kinds of artifacts:

  • A BibTeX *.bib file
  • A LaTeX source file that cites each entry in your *.bib (useful for generating text to insert into a LaTeX-based C.V. or annual report).
  • An HTML file, configurable by a CSS class file
  • A LaTeX file which produces a summary of your database, with entries from items which have been filled out by you.

I use this tool to produce my own page of publications (you can find it here), and also for all of the papers which I write. I hope you find it useful for you.

Jonathan Sprinkle, Ph.D.




This software is provided without guarantee. No archive releases are maintained (or even guaranteed to exist). If you would like a previous release, please contact the author.

Last updated January 3, 2007
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