ECE 505 - Model-Integrated Computing

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Times:MWF 12:30--1:50 PM
Location:ECE 258
Instructor:Dr. Jonathan Sprinkle
 ECE 456N
 Email: sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu (preferred contact method)


(11.05) Homework 4 extended to 11/14

If you are considering hw04, the due date will be extended a week, in order to allow you to get feedback on all your other assignments before deciding to start this assignment.

(10.31) Class canceled, 10/31

No class will be held on 10/31 due to an unforeseen emergency. The class may be made up at a later date.

(10.15) Homework 04 is released

Check out the Homeworks page for the latest release, hw04.

(10.15) Homework 03 is released

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