(10.11.22) Presentations are available for signup

Please sign up for your project presentation. Also, note that there will be no class on 11/23.

(10.11.13) Notes on submission dates

  • In the hw04 document, it says to use turnin; this is incorrect, you should use D2L. No items submitted through turnin will be graded, you must submit through D2L
  • Note the due date of hw04 was Tuesday 11/16, but has been extended to Thursday 11/18
  • The dropbox for the interpreter design was not previously enabled, so the design due date has been extended to 11/15 (Monday)

(10.11.01) Presentations guidelines are available

Please visit the presentations page for a summary of expectations (and don'ts) for in-class presentations. Also, note that the presentation evaluation form that every student will fill out when watching the in class speaker is also available from that page. You may want to look through this form critically before finishing your talk.

(10.10.31) hw04 is released

Please visit the Homeworks page to see the requirements for hw04, due November 16.

(10.10.18) hw03 is released

Please visit the Homeworks page to see the requirements for hw03, due October 28.

(10.10.06) Project Proposal Rubric now available

The grading rubric for the project proposal is now available. Please follow it closely when evaluating your project proposal.

(10.09.29) New Reading and Homeworks Assignments Posted

Homework 2 and more reading are posted.

(10.09.07) Reading and Homeworks Posted

Homework 1 and more reading are posted. Be ready for the quiz on 9/9!

(10.09.02) Reading assignment posted

Updated reading assignments have been posted on the Reading page.

(10.08.30) Reading page

Reading assignments have been posted (as promised) on the Reading page, since 8/26.

(10.08.24) Class begins

Class will begin at 9:30 pm in PSY 304.