The Generic Modeling Environment

Note that you will need to register with the software repository to download the tool. Download version 10.2.9.

Free software from UA

  • Windows If you need to run a different version of windows (or if you do not have a windows computer) you are eligible to download a Windows installation disk from the MSDNAA site for the UA. See here for the URL. To request a username/password, go here:
  • VMWare Visit, and select the "VMWare Web Store" from this page. Login w/ your netid, and you can download VMWare updates/products for your machines. Notable is the VMWare Fusion 3 for MacOS X.

Paradigms for use in class

A few paradigms are used in class for various examples and homework assignments.


Used for graph rewriting examples


This paradigm was created to manage publications.below:

  • You can download it here.


This paradigm is useful in an academic environment for understanding how to model Harel's StateCharts. No executable semantics/interpreter is provided. You can download the paradigm here.


The Hybrid Systems Interchange Format (HSIF) models hybrid automata for the purpose of exporting them to HSIF format. You can download the paradigm here.