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This wiki belongs to the ECE498 Robotics Team.

Platform-Independent Compositional Robotics (Spring 2008 and Fall 2008)

Team Name: Cupcake
Team Members:
Benjie Arandia
Stephen Moore
Kiet Nguyen
Matthew Vaterlaus
Lucas Wilkinson

News (Updated 29 November 2008)

  • Stephen and Matt's success with the Camera blobtracking with real hardware on the Demo Page.
  • Updated the Create files for Player to simulate the CMUCam2 Blobfinder Orca Page.
  • Sensor I2C incompatable with RS232 Sensor Page
  • Some progress on sensors in Sensor page
  • Head board circuit Layout Robosapien
  • Tried to run the Create from the gumstix. No success.
  • Some information about sensors, pre-written drivers for similar sensors, cables for those sensors on the Sensors page.
  • iRobot Create moves through playerv! Check it out on the Orca Page.
  • Robosapien Driver Updated on the Robosapien page.
  • Create Config File on the iRobot page.
  • IR Enlightenment on the Robosapien page.
  • Robosapien Driver on the Robosapien page.
  • IR Frustration on the Robosapien page.
  • 12-bit IR codes discussion on the Robosapien page.
  • Robot interface on the Programming page.
  • New C++ version of the iRobot Create driver class on the Programming page.
  • API Revisited on the Programming page.
  • IR Codes!
  • Sample C++ code for the Robosapien on the Programming page.
  • Started a Fall Semester section on the Hours page.
  • Made a little progress on connecting Orca components.
  • Our powerpoint for the project is available here
  • Added the Memorandum draft to the Journal Page.
  • Our Project Memo will be due on Tuesday, 08 April 2008.
  • Updated the Orca Interface Relationhip Diagram on the Journal Page to include common interface between iRobot and Robosapein.
  • Navigation moved to sidebar.
  • Uploaded the Orca Interface Relationhip Diagram to the Journal Page.
  • Added a Home link to the quicklinks.
  • New Home for the Wiki!
  • iRobot Create now drives around via keyboard with variable speeds.
  • Added some interesting Roomba Links on the iRobot page.
  • New Serial Port Code works!
  • Create Player Driver on the Orca page
  • New Serial Port code on Programming page.
  • Change "Journal and Meeting Notes" to current-on-top order.
  • Requirements Specification Table is added in "Journal and Meeting Notes"
  • Orca tutorials is added in "Orca Notes"

SVN Repository Information

Use the username/password you provided in the email to Prof. Sprinkle. If you want to change your username/password, email Prof. Sprinkle. If you have forgotten it, you need to reset it by resending it.

-Dr. Sprinkle