Specialized information (by platform) is in the next section. A few things that might benefit more broadly are listed next:

Developer Links

iPhone Developer

Everyone will receive an invitation to their account that invites them to be a member of the iOS Developer University Program.

Registered Developer vs. iPhone Developer Program

If you are already a registered developer before the course started, then you can download the SDK, and develop and run your newly created apps on the iPhone simulator. However, being a registered developer is not enough to develop and run your newly created apps on your iPhone. In order to run custom apps on hardware to test them, you must enroll in the iPhone Developer Program in addition to being a registered developer. See the Which Phone? page for discussion for more.

No cost to you

Fortunately, the iOS Developer University Program means that you do not need to pay to test on your device, or any other device registered to the class group. This is due to effort by the instructor to enroll UA in the program. However, you must abide by the terms and conditions of your enrollment, when you sign up, or you may be unenrolled.


The iOS SDK is downloaded from the App Store on your Mac toolbar. You must be registered as a developer in order to have access to some aspects of the XCode toolchain for iOS. However, you can go ahead and download the iOS SDK version of XCode as soon as you agree to be part of the Developer University Program.

SDK Version to choose

The development SDK for iOS works for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You should download the most recent version of the SDK regardless of the OS version of your iPod/iPhone. You can select the iPhone OS version prior to compile time (in other words, the SDK is backwards compatible). Apple does not have customized cross-compilers, so you must download the SDK for your version of the operating system (e.g., 10.7, 10.8, etc.).

The SDK will replace your current version of XCode, and it is several gigabytes in size, so you might want to have a wired ethernet connection to download it.


Finally, remember that you can only do iOS work on an Intel-based Mac. If you wish to do iOS work, but do not have the machine, you can use the machines in the ECE 232 lab.

Android Developer

Visit to download the SDK. You should follow the directions on that page in order to install the SDK. The SDK may have been updated if you have previously installed it, so if you have an older version, you should update from this page.

Eclipse and Android

The Eclipse IDE is the integration platform for the Android SDK through the "ADT" (Android Development Tools) Plugin. The Android emulator can be used to perform some homework assignments without using the phone hardware. However, not all sensors are available for use with the emulator, and work will be graded on a device.

Windows Developer

Visit this (really ugly) URL to download the SDK. You should follow the directions on that page in order to install the SDK.

Visual Studio and Site License

Don't forget that all copies of Visual Studio can be obtained by current UA engineering students by through the MSDN-AA (Academic Alliance). Visit in order to register for this service, if you have not already.

If you are not an engineering student, you should still be able to get an account, but you might need to have me in the loop in order to demonstrate that you are enrolled in an engineering course.