What good will this class do me in life?

Here's a sampling of what some teams have done in past courses.

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So, you're wondering whether you should take this class or not...


If any of the following apply, you will probably enjoy the class.

  • You are a competent OO programmer (you probably need this, no matter the rest)
  • Need an app for your ENGR 498 project
  • Want to bring the app from this class on your job interview
  • Like the idea of designing software to solve well-defined problems
  • Are hoping to graduate within the Accelerated Masters Program (AMP) Note: must enroll in 573


If any of the following apply, maybe you shouldn't take the course:

  • You've never had an object-oriented software class, and are unfamiliar with OO concepts
  • You are unfamiliar with UML diagrams, and don't want to learn them
  • You are unable to read documentation in order to find out how to write code in a new language

This class is a great way to pull together everything you've learned as an undergraduate, but without the need for endless PowerPoint presentations and Comprehensive Design Review documents that don't reflect what you really want to do. In short, this class let's you prove that you understand concepts in software engineering, by building an app for a mobile device that demonstrates your competency.

Be warned, though, this class is not a 4 month tutorial on phone programming. The aspects of phone programming are something you learn in order to fulfill the class, but these topics show up only in your project and homework, not on examinations. You are still expected to learn the theory and practice of software engineering as part of the course.

If you are from a discipline outside ECE or CS (e.g., sciences, biomedical engineering, business, even Scandanavian studies...), you can still take the class if you are a competent object-oriented programmer, and you aren't afraid of solving problems.

In any case, you may to find out the answers to any course-related questions.