ECE473/573, Spring 2014

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Times:MW 4:00--5:15 PM
Instructors:Dr. Jonathan Sprinkle
 ECE 456N
 sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu (preferred contact method)

iPhone and Android and Windows Phone Programming

This course is a comprehensive coverage of software engineering skills, techniques, metrics, and lifecycles. It is the capstone project course for computer engineers, and this year's project will focus on cell phone programming for engineering. Teams (max of 3 people) will select whether they use the Android, Windows phone, or iPhone platform for their project. All graduate teams are made up of only one person.

Project groups will choose between
iOS, Android, and Windows phone platforms

News (comprehensive listing)

4/1 -- Reminder for Requirements Verification Plan

Just a reminder to read the Project page carefully for the requirements verification plan directions. For every requirement (B or A) I would like to see the name of a test or collection of tests to run, and then you should have sequence models, pseudocode, or actual code of those tests available. Your sequence models can be hand-drawn, and are by far the easiest way to prototype your tests.

I use the Requirements Verification Plan to help determine what A requirements I will finally select for your final release, so you will need to have a plan for how to verify every potential A requirement, even if you do not end up doing it, so I can evaluate which ones are the highest difficulty to perform and therefore assign your efforts fairly, without over-burdening you with busy work. Good luck, everyone!

3/25 -- No lecture 3/26

Just a reminder that no lecture will be held on 3/26, look online for a recorded that covers course materials by the end of the week.

3/03 -- Homework 4 is available

Visit the Homeworks page to see hw04.

2/24 -- Homework 3 revised

Please check the Homeworks page for a mild revision to Homework 3: it clarifies that you need at least 10 tests---not a full testing of at least 10 requirements (this number is 15 for ECE 573 students).

2/19 -- Class Participation Assignment

Watch the video on "Licenses" for an assignment due for class participation on 2/21 at 9:59 PM.

2/19 -- Homework 3 is available

Visit the Homeworks page to see hw03.

2/5 -- Project short names

Having trouble locating your short name? Maybe this will help (or maybe not?). Email me if you still don't know it!