Welcome to ECE473/573, Spring 2011

Times:MW 4:00--5:15 PM
Location:CHVEZ 104
Instructors:Dr. Jonathan Sprinkle
 ECE 456N
 Email: sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu (preferred contact method)
 Hussain Al-Helal
 ECE 446
 Email: alhelal@email.Arizona.Edu (preferred contact method)

iPhone and Android Cell Phone Programming

This course is a comprehensive coverage of software engineering skills, techniques, metrics, and lifecycles. It is the capstone project course for computer engineers, and this year's project will focus on cell phone programming for engineering. Teams will select whether they use the Android, or iPhone platform for their project.

Project groups will choose between
iOS and android platforms

News (comprehensive listing)

4/11 -- Formal Methods Lecture Online

The two slide decks from the 4/11 lecture are available on D2L.

4/11 -- Project Presentation Times Set

See the projects page for the schedule of project presentations.

3/29 -- Tools and Methods Lecture Online

Check the D2L site for updated lecture slides.

2/8 -- Microsoft Imagine Cup

This is a brief reminder that the Spring registration and draft plan/storyboard deadline for the United States Microsoft Imagine Cup competition is February 15th at 11:59pm.

2/7 -- Send us your SVN repository password

Visit Setting Password and follow the instructions. PS: Please include your group name in this email.

2/1 -- Project Topic Feedback Given

Please check your D2L dropbox for feedback on your project topic.

2/1 -- Homework 2 release

Visit the Homeworks page to review the requirements for hw02. Start early on this assignment, which is due on 11 February.

1/20 -- Homework 1 is released.

Visit the Homeworks page to review the requirements for hw01. The assignment is due 26 January.

Reading assignments (comprehensive listing)