Welcome to ECE441A/541A, Fall 2013

Times:MWF 8:00--8:50 PM
Instructors:Dr. Jonathan Sprinkle
 ECE 456N
 Email: sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu (preferred contact method)

Automatic Control

Automatic Control is the use of feedback and composition to achieve desired system behavior. This course covers linear control system representation in time and frequency domains, feedback control system characteristics, performance analysis and stability, and design of control.

Graduate-level requirements include evaluation on the following set of topics: Mathematical Rigor: proofs of various design guidelines; utility of signal norms as principal characteristics of a controller. Robust Control: analysis techniques for controllers with plant or other uncertainty. Project: analysis and design on a relevant novel control systems topic, using rigorous mathematics to prove properties of the system or to validate design goals, presented in the form of a conference paper. Project ideas may be developed with the instructor or graduate advisor.

Note: documents posted prior to the first day of class are considered drafts.

News (comprehensive listing)

(13.12.15) Final Examination Preparation

I've gotten a few common questions, so hopefully this will give you more insight:

 Q: Is the exam comprehensive?
A: Yes. Q: Will you focus more on recent coverage?
A: It is a comprehensive exam, so I will focus on all topics; all exams focus
more on some things than others (because I can't assign 7 homeworks
worth of work) so it is up to you to focus your study on things you don't understand. Q: Can we have more sheets of formulas since the exam is comprehensive?
A: No, one sheet only. Q: Will we cover things on the final that we didn't have homework on?
A: If we covered it in lecture, it is possible that you will see it on the final. Q: What about Nyquist? Those lectures weren't covered in class?
A: The Nyquist lectures were actually lectures that were just online, so it is
possible you will see Nyquist on the exam (Note: you already saw Nyquist on Exam 3 anyway) Q: Will XXX be on the exam?
A: I wouldn't tell you if I knew, but you should be prepared for anything