Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Signal and Image Laboratory (SaIL) The University of Arizona®

Ph. D. Students
Name Graduated Title of Thesis Current Employment
Basel Salahieh Aug. 2015 “Computational Imaging For Miniature Cameras” Research Scientist at Intel Corporation
Mingkuan Liu Dec. 2006 “QoS Improvement Schemes for Real-Time Wireless VoIP” Garmin International, Inc.
Natalia Gaviria Gómez Aug. 2006 “Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Wireless Devices” Assistant Professor at University of Antioquia
Mary L. Cassabaum Aug. 2004 “Exploiting High Dimensional Data for Signal Characterization and Classification in Feature Space” Raytheon
Kirk W. Gossage May 2004 “Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Texture Analysis Techniques to Non-Invasively Monitor the Healing Response of Glaucoma Implants” Principal Research Scientist at Unilever
Phillip A. Mlsna May 2001 “Color Sets with Morphological and B-Spline Enhancements for Content-Based Image Retrieval” Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University
Te-shen “Dickson” Liang May 2000 “Methods for Improved Robustness of Image Watermarking Algorithms”              Mavrix Technology, Inc.
Bruce A. Thomas Dec. 1999 “New Aspects of Digital Color Image Enhancement”                           Sierra Imaging, Inc.
M.S. Students
Name Graduated Title of Thesis Current Employment
Jianbo Shao Aug. 2015 “Analysis and Processing of Primary Cilia in Microscopy Images” Ph.D Program, Electrical & Computer Engineering, The University of Arizona.
Vijai Thottathil Jayadevan Dec. 2013 “Forecasting Solar Power Intermittency Using Ground-Based Sky Imaging” Ph.D Program, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Purdue University.
Sundaresh Ram Dec. 2010 “3-D Spot Detection in Microscopic Images” Ph.D Program, Electrical & Computer Engineering, The University of Arizona.
Abhinav Kumar Jha Aug. 2009 “ADC Estimation in Diffusion-weighted Images” Instructor, Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
Naren Vijayakumar Dec. 2008 “Cross-Modality Registration of Magnetic Resonance Images Using Mutual Information” Toyota
Rohit Chacko Philip Dec. 2008 “Seed Pruning for Multi-Resolution Segmentation of Vasculature in Immunohistochemical Images” Ph.D Program, Electrical & Computer Engineering, The University of Arizona.
Shiva Rajaraman Dec. 2008 “Automated Registration of Sequential Breath-Hold DCE-MRI Images of Liver Lesions” Garmin International, Inc.
Sunil Seepuri Aug. 2008 “An Integrated Tool for 3-D Segmentation of Internal Hemoglobin in TEM Images” Intel
Santosh Chapaneri Aug. 2008 “Content-Adaptive Improved Error Concealment Methods for H.264/AVC Video Communication” Microsoft
Narasimhan Rajagopalan May 2008 “Three-Dimensional Spot Detection in Immuno-Fluorescence Images Obtained Via Confocal Microscopy” Invitrogen
Mehul Patel May 2008 “Image Analysis Algorithms for Ovarian Cancer Detection Using Confocal Microendoscopy” Microsoft
Luca Caucci May 2007 “Point Detection and Hotelling Discriminant: An Application in Adaptive Optics” Ph.D Program, Optical Sciences, The University of Arizona.
Diljith Thodi Aug. 2005 “Techniques To Improve the Performance of Expansion-Embedding-Based Reversible Watermarking Algorithms” Motorola
Neema Shetty Aug. 2005 “Improving Image Fidelity of Equalized Spectrum Watermarking Scheme Using Perceptual Modeling” Qualcomm
Nikhil Rajguru Aug. 2005 “A Level-Set Approach To 3-D Segmentation of Lesions from T1-Weighted Spin-Echo DCE-MR Images” Volcano Corporation
Vivek Shankar May 2005 “Texture-Based Automated Lithological Classification Using Aeromagnetic Anomaly Images” Qualcomm
Saurabh Srivastava Dec. 2004 “Computer-Aided Identification of Ovarian Cancer in Confocal Microendoscopic Images” The MathWorks, Inc.
Ranjini T. Rajeevan Aug. 2004 “Automated Segmentation of Lesions in Magnetic Resonance Images of the Brain” Greenfield Networks, Inc.
Chetankumar Krishnamurthy Aug. 2004 “Automated Lesion Segmentation and Tracking in Echo-Planar Diffusion-Weighted Liver MRI”
Siddharth Mathur Dec. 2003 “Variable-Length Vocal-Tract Modeling for Speech Synthesis”              Nokia
Victor Gajendran Dec. 2003 “Towards a Completely Automated Chromosome Counting System”              Ericsson, Inc.
Amarpreet S. Chawla Aug. 2003 “Analysis of Image Quality of Medical Imaging Displays” PostDoctoral Research, Duke University
Sundararajan Sankaranarayanan Aug. 2003 “Digital Flow Cytometric Classification of Biological Cells”              Seagate Technology
Bo Xia May 2002 “An Improved Digital System Design for Flow Cytometric Analysis”              Texas Instruments
Naveen Narayan Dec. 2001 “IP Protection for VLSI Designs Via Watermarking of Routes”              Intel
Rexford D. Newbould May 2001 “Extending Digital Watermarking Technologies into the Mixed-Signal Design Hierarchy ”
David E. Hoyer May 1996 “Performance Analysis of Vector and Scalar Median Filtering”              LSI corporation
Qiang Zhang May 1996 “A Recursive Technique for 3-D Histogram Enhancement of Color Images”
Te-shen “Dickson” Liang Aug. 1995 “Segmentation of MR Cranial Images Using Mathematical Morphology and Fuzzy Clustering” Mavrix Technology, Inc.
Mahesh Godavarti Aug. 1995 “Digital Signal Processing and Neural Networks in Flow Cytometry”              Ditech Networks
Troy A. Berchem May 1995 “A Digital Reconstruction System for Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
Richard P. Mackey May 1995 “An Asynchronous, Single-Chip, LMS Based, Adaptive Echo Canceller”
Jesse C. Ma Dec. 1994 “Segmentation of 3-D MR Images Using the Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm and a Neural Network”
Nick A. Zilmer May 1994 “Analysis of the Use of Digital Signal Processing in Flow Cytometry”              Boeing Satellite Systems
James L. Lee Dec. 1993 “Automated Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images of the Brain”             
Phillip A. Mlsna Dec. 1992 “Color Image Enhancement by Three-Dimensional Histogram Modification”              Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University
Christopher C. (Chuen-Chi) Yang Dec. 1992 “Effects of Coordinate Systems on Color Image Processing”              Associate Professor, Drexel University

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