The SAE Collegiate Chapter at the University of Arizona has seen a major growth in membership and club activities in the past decade. SAE Formula Car (FSAE) and Mini-Baja are two major design competition projects that attract many students to the club. Our teams have participated in the regional and national competitions for these two projects almost every year for the past ten years.

The growth and success of these activities has been partially due to the support that the club has received from the university, the college, and the department. However, the main reason for the success of these activities has been due to the dedication of the member students and the remarkable leadership provided by some of the members.

Both the Formula Car and Mini-Baja projects require students to design and build a new car, based on the SAE guidelines, for each annual competition. The team members spent numerous hours, days and nights, on these projects without receiving any course credits or a salary. Involvement in these projects becomes a full-time job. The member students do this mainly for the experience, the challenge, and the fun that is involved. However, in the process they learn a lot about teamwork, fundraising, leadership, responsibility, and devotion to their adopted profession. Many of the former team members, after graduation, have said that being on one of these teams have been the most valuable and rewarding part of their education at the University of Arizona.

In recognition of the value of these activities, the University of Arizona Collegiate Chapter of SAE has established several scholarship funds to be awarded annually to the undergraduate and graduate students. Each scholarship is sponsored and financed by an individual, a company, or an organization. The Chapter anticipates an increase in the number of scholarships offered in the future as additional sponsorships become available.


Wayne J. Kanto born in the U.S. a son of Finnish immigrants. At the age of three his father died of the great 1918 pandemic. He was raised in the Arizona mining town of Miami where he studied physics and chemistry in high school. He was also a leather helmet wielding varsity member of the football team.

Prior to the Second World War he constructed roads in the White Mountains through the WPA program. When war was declared on Germany and Japan, he joined the U.S. Army tank destroyer corps and served in Northern Africa and Italy. He achieved the rank of Technical Sergeant and was responsible for radio repairs.

After the war he worked as a draftsman, then as an industrial electrician in potash and copper mines. His expertise was in rewinding and repair of locomotive electric engines. At the mines, he developed an electromagnet to remove broken drill bits from blasting holes.

After being hired at the University of Arizona as an electrician, he would volunteer to light the stadium and bring his sons to watch the football games. During the ‘60s, Vietnam war protesters were threatening to burn down Old Main and he was called in to shut down power to the building. Later, he worked at the UofA Medical Hospital during the construction phase and after completion.


Senior Member Tuition Scholarship:

Scholarships awarded on an annual basis

The amount of the scholarship will vary depending on the funds available (typically $1,000 - $2,500)

Special Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship the applicant must have been on the FSAE team or Baja team for at least two semesters.


Ryan Kanto


Walter J. Mayshar (1925-2001) was a first generation son of Polish immigrants. Wally grew up in a single parent family in Connecticut. He joined the army and served during WWII in the army corps of engineers. When he got out of the service he went to Windham Tech where he was trained as an electrician. He worked at Electric Boat on nuclear subs, UCONN, and various construction projects. Wally moved to Tucson in 1980 and worked at the Palo Verde Power Plant.

Wally was a dedicated Christian husband, father, grandfather and friend who always gave his undivided attention. He was involved in children’s programs and often resembled the Pied Piper with children following in his footsteps as he taught lessons about life and living. Wally was a clever and energetic man; an active thinker and doer. He was always building and constructing things: a 1940’s tractor, a 1950’s truck, a house, a barn and countless other things. He would have loved to be on the Formula SAE team!


Recruit Book Scholarship:

Several scholarships awarded on an annual basis

The amount of the scholarship will vary depending on the funds available (typically $100 - $500)

The scholarship is intended to assist the recipients with the purchase of books, supplies, or travel

Special Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship the applicant must have been on the FSAE team or Baja team for at least one semester.


Ryan Kanto

Application Requirements

General eligibility requirements for the awards are:

1. Currently enrolled at the University of Arizona

2. A student member of SAE

3. An active member of one of the SAE competition teams (FSAE or Mini-Baja) for at least one full semester

Individual scholarships may have additional eligibility requirements.

To Apply

Complete the application form, answer all of the questions, and submit it by March 7, 2014 to the SAE Faculty Advisor in hardcopy (AME Bldg. N633) and electronically (email: SAE Faculty Advisor)

2. Ask a fellow team member for a letter of recommendation (hardcopy and electronically) to be sent to the SAE Faculty Advisor

3. An interview with the Award Committee may be required