Who we are

U of A Society of Automotive Engineers is student club that functions primarily to assist the Formula and Baja SAE teams. Our officers are Baja and Formula members and all Baja and Formula members are also a part of SAE.

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What we do

SAE assists the Formula and Baja clubs by organizing events, raising funds, and buying equipment used by both teams in the shop to build both cars, among other things. We also have meetings with professionals where we can learn about working in industry as an engineer and how to better prepare ourselves for life after graduation.

About SAE Baja

Why we do it

SAE the student club follows the principles of SAE the professional society, which is to be "dedicated to the advancement of mobility engineering, on land, sea, or air". As students, we feel that one of the best ways to learn about mobility engineering is to dive right in, getting experience by building a vehicle ourselves, applying what we have learned in the classroom. This hands-on approach to learning helps us put our knowledge to work once we graduate and work as professionals.

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