Complex Machines Living in the Human World

RNSL People

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Dr. M. Anthony Lewis, Director, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering.


Graduate Students

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Kiwon Sohn, Ph.D. Student
Education: M.S., Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania.   MS. Electronic and Electrical Engineering Kyungpook National University
Research Area: Autonomous robot navigation and mapping. .

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Theresa Klein, Ph.D. Student
Education: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Rice University, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cornell.
Research Area: Neural control of Humanoid robots.

John Goulding

John Goulding, Ph.D. Student
Education: BS. Mechanical Engineering, Portland State University, M.S. Electrical Engineering, Portland State University, M.S. Engineering Management, MBA Associates Program, University of Arizona.
Research Area: Visually guided locomotion


Aarthi Reddy Sanam, M.S. Student
Research Area: High Performance Computing with Applications to Neural Systems simulation.


Saravanakrishnan Krishnamoorthy,, M.S. Student
Education: B.E. in Electronics, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
Research Area: Autonomous Robots

Undergraduate Student Researchers

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Kevin Woods: Address Event Representation Routing


Patrick Edwards: Autonomous Robot construction.



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