.: Welcome to Dr. Akoglu's Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory

Our research program focuses on high performance computing systems and non-traditional computing architectures with themes that cover: a) development of resource management strategies from multi-processor system-on-chip to cloud computing scale; b) design and development of reconfigurable hardware architectures for reusable systems; c) modeling and simulation of neuromorphic computing architectures; and d) restructuring computationally challenging algorithms for achieving high performance on field programmable gate array (FPGA) and graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware architectures. Our lab is currently funded by:

  • AIR FORCE - "Autonomic Security Operations Center (ASoC)"
  • DARPA - "Domain-Focused Advanced Software-Reconfigurable Heterogeneous System on Chip (DASH-SoC)"
  • NSF I/UCRC - "Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing"
  • Raytheon - “Exploring the Architectures and Application of Neuromorphic Computing”
  • NIH, National Institute on Aging - "Impact of CMV Upon T-Cell Aging and Immune Defense" 


Most recent accomplishments:

  • (October 2019) Elnaz's work on "Bit-wise and Multi-GPU Implementations of the DNA Recombination AlgorithmNirmal" has been accepted to 26th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Ccomputing, Data, and Analytics HiPC 2019
  • (September 2019) Josh and Nirmal participated in the ARM Research Summit with their work on "Emulation Framework for Hardware-Software Co-Design of Heterogeneous SoCs"
  • (September 2019) Nirmal will present his work on "Adaptive Power Reallocation for Value-Oriented Schedulers in Power-Constrained HPC" at the 20th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies PDCAT 2019
  • (August 2019) We will present our work on "Design of High Throughput FPGA-based Testbedfor Accelerating Error Characterization of LDPC Codes" at the 2019 International Conference on Reconfigurable Computing and FPGAs ReConFig 2019
  • (July 2019) We will present our work on "Acelerated Shadow Detection and Removal Method" at the 2019 ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications AICCSA 2019
  • (May 2019) Nirmal passed his oral comprehensive exam, fantastic job like a pro.
  • (May 2019) Burak defended his dissertation! Yey, congratulations!
  • Josh and Nirmal appeared in the ECE 2019 Annual Magazine regarding the DASH-SoC project
  • Ruben is at the Carnegie Mellon University with a Dean’s Fellowship