The primary goal of our lab is to investigate photonic techniques that enhance the capabilities of imaging, communication, sensing, and light collection in photovoltaic systems. Our research includes fundamental and applied studies of photonic materials and devices, as well as system concepts that are based on photonics.

Spatial-Spectral Volume Holographic Imaging System

Used for both in vivo and ex vivo medical imaging applications, this spectral-spatial volume holographic imaging system (S2-VHIS) is an optical device that eliminates the need for optical scanning. The volume holographic element maps a 4-D data set (x,y,z,l) onto a 2-D image array., allowing simultaneous imaging of multiple projections of the spatial and spectral content from different depths within biological tissue samples.

Holographic Solar Concentrators

Solar Energy is abundant and capable of providing all the world’s energy needs. However, it is still significantly more expensive than non-renewable energy alternatives. The goal of Holographic Solar Concentrator is to reduce the amount of costly photovoltaic cell material and replace with low cost holographic collectors.