joseph dagher

Joseph C. Dagher, Ph.D.
Department of Medical Imaging
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering        
The University of Arizona      
jdagher at email (dot) arizona (dot) edu

August 2016: Daghexit -  It has been a long journey in academia.  But as I got into it for the fun and promise of scientific research, I must exit it for those same reasons.  I will be continuing my journey in imaging sciences (medical and other) at MITRE Corp.  Even though I will be relinquishing my NIH grant, the scientific and clinical work will continue from MITRE.  

Professional Interests
General research interests in imaging: signal acquisition, information processing and analysis.  Joint optimization of acquisition and processing parameters, Inverse problems, image reconstruction and parameter estimation.

Particular research interests in quantitative MRI:  quantitation of Electro Magnetic Tissue Property (susceptibility, conductivity, etc.), quantitation from MR phase (iron concentration, oxygenation, velocity/flow quantitation).  Novel reconstruction & acquisition methods, and joint optimization of pulse sequence and processing parameters.

Educational Background
Aug. 2006
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), College of Optical Sciences (Minor: Electrical Engineering), The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA
Dissertation Advisors:  Profs. Michael W. Marcellin and Mark A. Neifeld

May 2002
MS, Electrical Engineering, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

Feb. 1999
BS, Computer Engineering University of Balamand, Lebanon

Current Research Awards
1- NIH Career Award (NIBIB)                                                    9/30/14 – 9/30/18 NIH/NIBIB
1K25EB018355  DAGHER (PI)
Detection And Quantification Of Mild TBI Using Biomarkers Derived From MRI Phase

The goal of this project is to develop MRI techniques that can obtain accurate quantitative information about biomarkers of mild TBI.  This advancement will enable the clinicians to (a) identify mTBI patients at an earlier stage in the disease process, and (b) accurately and quantitatively assess diagnosed mTBI patients.

I relinquished this award on August 2016.  However, I will continue to work on the grant objective, its long term goals and scientific aims, from MITRE Corp.

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