Theses and Dissertations Directed by Dr. Malur K. Sundareshan

Student's Name Degree Date Thesis/Dissertation Title
A. Mahmoodi M.S. 1978 Multilevel Control of Large Scale Discrete Systems
R. Fundakowski Ph.D. 1980 Stability and Control of Compartmental Systems with Applications to Cancer Therapy
A.Sakkal M.S. 1980 Application of Multilevel Control Schemes for Freeway Regulation
P. Huang Ph.D. 1982 Design of reliable decentralized control and estimation schemes for large-scale systems
A. Mahmoodi Ph.D. 1982 Adaptive schemes for optimal target detection in variable clutter
R. Elias M.S. 1983 An hierarchical scheme for decentralized control of prosthetic limbs
D.Pazcalles M.S. 1983 Minimum variance and inferential control schemes for distillation columns
R.C. WattsM.S 1983 Decentralized suboptimal control of industrial manipulators by a computer vision system
M. Koenig M.S. 1984 Decentralized model reference adaptive control of industrial manipulators
K.H. Muralidhar Ph.D. 1984 Hierarchical schemes for routing and flow control in communication networks.
W.P. Lu Ph.D. 1986 Security of communication in computer networks
A.I. Abdulla Ph.D. 1986 New techniques for the load frequency control of multi-area power systems
R. Kadlec M.S. 1987 Design of a Digital Tracking System for Optical Disk Drive Applications
S. Yamout M.S. 1987 A new combined routing and flow control algorithm for data communication networks
R. Elbanna Ph.D. 1987 Some new results for the stabilization and state estimation in large-scale systems
D.Tipper Ph.D. 1988 Adaptive schemes for Routing, Flow Control and Buffer Management in Communication Networks
A. Karakasoglu M.S. 1988 Rule-based control system for robotic manipulators
J. DiMatteo M.S. 1988 Focus servo optimization for an optical disk data storage device
L.Mar M.S. 1989 Estimation and control of the mean response of photomultiplier tubes
G. Meempat Ph.D. 1989 Modeling and adaptive resource management in integrated communication networks
S.I. Sudharsanan Ph.D. 1990 Equilibrium characterization for a class of dynamical neural networks with applications to learning and synthesis
N. Bui M.S. 1991 Seek reliability improvement in optical disk data storage devices
S. Bhalala M.S. 1991 Modified Newton's method for supervised training of dynamical neural networks for applications in associative memory and nonlinear identification problems
A.Karakasoglu Ph.D. 1991 Neural network-based approaches to controller design for robot manipulators
C.Askew M.S 1992 Payload adaptive control of flexible manipulators using neural networks
I. Muhsin Ph.D. 1992 Advanced controller designs for synchronous generators using nonlinear transformations and neural networks
T.A. Condarcure M.S. 1993 A learning automaton approach to trajectory learning and control system design using dynamic recurrent neural networks
T.L. Ji Ph.D. 1993 Evaluation and optimization of image displays
J.D. Winter M.S. 1994 Classical and fuzzy logic based digital controllers for optical disk drive actuators
F.Amoozegar Ph.D. 1994 Target detection and tracking using neural networks
I.Sacolick M.S. 1995 Reconstructing animations from motion-corrupted MRI using POCS algorithm.
Z.Zhang M.S. 1995 Statistical reliability analysis of data recovered from compact disks.
H.Y. Pang M.S. 1997 Maximum likelihood restoration of noisy images
P.Zegers M.S. 1998 Speech recognition using neural networks
K.Everhart M.S. 1999 Range estimation and LOS tracking using passive techniques
A.Goyal Ph.D. 1999 Mobility management in wireless communication networks
R.Inampudi M.S. 1999 Region of interest extraction for optimized super-resolution
S.Bhattacharjee M.S. 2000 Image super-resolution using convex set theoretic approach
Y.C. Wong Ph.D. 2000 Target tracking in multi-sensor environments using neural networks

Last updated: May 25, 2000