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Laboratory for Engineering Non-traditional Sensors (LENS)

Welcome! You've probably arrived here looking for information regarding the recent article in Nature, "Multiscale Gigapixel Photography".

Our group, the Laboratory for Engineering Non-traditional Sensors (LENS), was responsible for developing the approach (and related software) for combining the individual microcamera images into a final representation of the scene. Our fundamental goal was to develop an approach that could scale to eventually accommodate the prodigious data rates that the new camera architecture makes possible.

For more details, check out our overview of image formation in AWARE






Research Projects

We are actively engaged in several current projects, listed below.

  • Image formation and computational imaging in gigapixel-scale imaging arrays
  • Compressive measurement for spectral imaging
  • Statistical and information-theoretic methods in computational imaging
  • Adaptive spectroscopy for rapid chemical detection
  • Compressive tracking
  • 3d rapid-prototyping of GRIN optics in the GHz/THz bands

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