ECE 576 - Spring 2013

TR 9:30-10:45AM, Social Sciences 307


Roman Lysecky,
Office: ECE 356F
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:45AM-11:45AM, and by appointment

News and Announcements

Mar 19 Exam 1 scores have been posted. All students will be given an opportunity to recover 75% of the points lost for one problem on the Exam. You must be able to explain why your original answer was incorrect and provide the correct answer. Please schedule a time with the instructor outside of office hours. You will be given 15 minutes to work through the problem on a whiteboard. This must be completed before April 30.

Mar 6 The deadline for submitting Homework Assignment 2 have been extended to Friday, March 15.

Feb 26: The due dates for the Project Proposal and Mid-Project Review have been posted on the Project Page.

Jan 22: SystemC Setup Information:

SystemC is available on the following servers (listed in order of preference for use): (

To use SystemC with these three servers, you must first setup your account to ensure the SystemC library can be found. Run the following command, or copy the contents of the file to the .bash_profile in your home directory:

source /home/ece576/systemc/

There are three example SystemC project located in the /home/ece576/systemc directory. These projects are named laserdisc, simple_fifo, and simple_perf. To compile these projects, you will need to copy them to your home directory. For example, the following command can be use to copy the laserdist project to your home directory:

cp -R /home/ece576/systemc/laserdist ~/

The provided SystemC projects all contain a Makefile for compiling the project. The provided Makefile is by default setup for the server. If you are using a different server, you will need to edit the Makefile to select the correct LIBS and INCS setting in the Makefile.

Then, run make to compile the project. The simulation for the SystemC project can performed by running the resulting executable. For example:


Jan 08: Welcome to ECE 576 Spring 2013! This website will be updated over the next fews days. Please check back later for more up to date information.