ECE 474A/574A, Fall 2013

MWF 10:00-10:50PM, Modern Languages Rm 310


Susan Lysecky,
Office: ECE 356C
Office Hours: Mon 3-4, Wed 1-2, or by appointment

News and Announcements

Dec 19: test_if3.c file already updated to replace 74 with t4 (t2 = t3 * 74 was t2 = t3 * t4 when grading done)

Dec 16: Project 4 test files are listed at the top of the project page. You should be able to pickup your grading sheet in the next day or two (Tues/Wed). *AFTER* you have looked at the grading sheet and test cases you can email me to request a regrade. Be sure to be specific about what you want me to look at.