ECE 414A/514A 

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

Raymond K. Kostuk

Class Syllabus:   Syl-2014.pdf     ** Latest Addition:  4/24/14

 Instructor: Raymond K. Kostuk;

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Class Hours: MWF 4:00-4:50; Room: Harvill 318

Office: ECE 556E; Office Hours: 4-5PM Tuesdays; 11-12 Fridays

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TA Office Hours: 12-1PM Tuesdays; 11-12 Thursdays


Class Grading: ( graduate students will have more problems on homework and exams and will be graded separately from undergraduate students)

Notice: HWK-Lab Grading Policy.pdf

Undergraduates: Midterm: 20%; HWK: 25%; Design Prob: 10%; Lab: 10%; Final 35%

Graduate Students: Midterm: 20%; HWK: 15%; Design Prob: 10%; Paper 10%; Lab: 10%; Final 35%

Battery paper: For those interested Bat-aquion.pdf

* New Thermal Storage Medium:


Tucson Global Irradiation Data: Global-Irrad.pdf

Reference Book: A. Luque and S. Hegedus``Hanbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering,'' Wiley, ISBN 0-47-49196-9

Chasing Ice Large Glacier Calving Event:


Graduate Student Project: Grad Paper-report.pdf  Due 2 May 2014

Design Problem: Design Prob 2014.pdf Due 7 May 2014 (Last Day of Classes) (But Earlier Would be Better :) )

Class Notes:

Intro - lecture form-14.pdf

PV Econ Metrics-13.pdf



Thermal Limits.pdf



 Semicond Prop-2.pdf  Ch3.pdf  Queiss-Shockley.pdf


Semicond Prop-v14.pdf

Module-bipass diodes.pdf

Ch 20 sum.pdf

Lecture Notes:  

Lect 1-27-14.pdf

Lect 2-3-14.pdf

Lect 2-5-14.pdf

Lect 2-10-14.pdf

Lect 2-12-14.pdf

Lect 2-14-14.pdf

Lect 2-17-14.pdf

Lect 2-19-14.pdf

Lect 2-21-14.pdf

Lect 2-24-14.pdf

Lect 2-26-14.pdf

Lect 3-3-14.pdf 

Lect 3-5-14.pdf

Lect 3-10-14.pdf  Lect 3-10-14 prob 3.pdf

Lect 3-14-14.pdf

Lect 3-24-14.pdf

Lect 3-26-14.pdf

Lect 3-28-14.pdf

Lect 3-31-14.pdf

Lect 4-2-14.pdf

Lect 4-9-14.pdf

Lect 4-11-14.pdf


Lect 4-18-14.pdf

lect 4-21-14.pdf

Lect 4-23-14.pdf

Homework  Problems:

HWK-1-14.pdf  HWK-1-14sol.pdf

HWK-2-14.pdf HWK-2-14-sol.pdf

HWK-3-14.pdf; HWK-3-14-sol.pdf

HWK-4-14.pdf HWK-4-14 sol.pdf




Lab1-14.pdf  Lab 1-14 templ.pdf   Lab 1-14 sol.pdf

Lab2-14.pdf Lab 2 Template-c.pdf  Lab 2-14 sol.pdf

Lab 3-14 v2.pdf

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