The 1998 Conference on Mission Earth: Modeling and Simulation of the Earth System


January 11-14, 1998

part of the

1998 Western MultiConference

Catamaran Resort Hotel - San Diego, California

Sponsored by
The Society for Computer Simulation International
Phone: (619) 277-3888; Fax: (619) 277-3930

Call for Papers

The focus of the SCS Mission Earth Activity is the identification and dissemination of the unique benefits of computer based global models and world simulations to a fully international constituency, as the prime tool for use in planning, implementing, and monitoring a sustainable future for the planet.

The goal of Mission Earth '98 is to promote an exchange of concepts, methods and technologies among scientists committed to the modeling and simulation of the different components of the Earth System. A topic of particular interest is the coupling between component models at different space and time scales, ranging from the global atmosphere and oceans to the way in which human activities influence regional climate and air quality. Other topics of interest include the challenge of Earth System modeling to the computer technology at all levels, ranging from supercomputers at national centers to machines on the desktop, and the gathering and distribution of information of results to an international constituency.

Original technical papers on these topics are solicited for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings. The conference sessions are designed to encourage discussion of concepts, methods and results among all participants.


All abstracts, proposals and draft papers are to be submitted to the Program Chair. Please, include your name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address. Electronic submission of the abstracts and proposals as plain ASCII text files is encouraged. Draft manuscripts may also be submitted electronically, but should then be sent as compressed and unencoded postscript files. Abstracts will be reviewed by the two Chairs for suitability to the conference. Each full paper will be reviewed by at least two members of the International Program Committee.

General Chair: Achim Sydow
Program Chair: Jin-Yi Yu
Industry Liaison: Amy B. Bruton
EOLSS Liaison: Mo Jamshidi

International Program Committee

If you are interested in receiving futher announcements of this conference, please, send e_mail to Yu@Atmos.UCLA.Edu providing your full mailing address.

Please, let us know at your earliest convenience if you plan on contributing to this conference.

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