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Hands-on training tools and laboratory assignments are essential for students to appreciate the impact of design decisions on the system performance, at both the algorithm and hardware levels. Students leave my classes on computer architecture and reconfigurable computing with a complete understanding of theory and practice, equipped with industry-relevant skills in design, development, debugging and testing, using modern engineering tools and FPGA boards.

Course Interests
I would particularly enjoy teaching any of the following courses:
• Computer architecture
• High performance computing

• Reconfigurable computing
• Parallel programming

In my experience, many of the innovative ideas emerged while trying to explain concepts. I believe that for a researcher, a teaching opportunity is a great resource in that respect and even better, this works both ways.

I find my course outcome as a success if and only if my student goes to job interview with the ability to articulate the issues, tradeoffs, challenges of the subject area both in theoretical and application levels.

University of Arizona, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department:

High-Performance Computing (ECE569)
Fundamentals of Computer Architecture (ECE369A)
Digital Logic (ECE274A)
Reconfigurable Computing (ECE506)
Computer Architecture and Design (ECE462/562)
Software Engineering Concepts(ECE473/573)

Arizona State University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Teaching Assistant/Associate:

Computer Architecture (CSE420), Spring 2000
Assembly Language Programming & Microprocessors (CSE226), Fall 2001 - Spring 2002
Hardware Description Language (CSE517), Fall 2002
Computer Literacy (CSE180), Spring 2002 - Spring 2004

Purdue University, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant:

“Electronic Devices & Design Laboratory” (ECE207), Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (Spring and Fall 1998)
“Introductory Calculus Based Mechanics” (PHYS 152), Physics Department (Spring and Fall 1997)

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