AFOSR: DDDAMS-based Urban Surveillance and Crowd Control via UAVs and UGVs

Participants and Project Organization
Young-Jun Son Systems and Industrial Engineering, UA Multi-scale simulation, extended BDI based crowd simulation, distributed simulation, DDDAMS framework
Jyh-Ming Lien Computer Science, George Mason Motion control, visualization, software systems, UAVs and UGVs
Jian Liu Systems and Industrial Engineering, UA Statistics and quality engineering, in-process quality and productivity improvement

DDDAMS Collaborative Activities

Figure 1: Overview of algorithms enabling DDDAS simulation capability

Figure 2: Components of extended BDI framework

Figure 3: (a) Target shape PT, current group blob PG, and a potential steering point. (b) Finding steering points (shown as black filled circles). (c) Screen shots of the proposed group control behavior in action. (Controllers are black agents.)

AFOSR Project

BAA (2012)
Proposal Abstract (collaborative research)

Useful Links

AFOSR MURI Project (Dr. Son was involved)
Program in Advanced Integration of Manufacturing Systems and Technologies at UA (Dr. Son is Director)

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